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Mª José Fernández: “Beyond delivering the results to the patients, I try to transmit a message of calm, encouragement and positivism”

Wednesday, 10 June, 2020 Comments

Her sympathy, energy and great kindness allow her to be one hundred percent to deliver the results of patients' medical tests on the day and time indicated.

During the last ten years, Mª José Fernández has seen how the Creu Blanca Results Department has evolved. In this interview he tells us what he likes most about his day to day and why the online world is important in the realization and delivery of results.

How is your day to day in the Results Department?

I could summarize it in two words: a lot of work and responsibility. Both things from a positive point of view, since being a department in continuous movement I never have the feeling that the day is long.

At the Results Department, we try to ensure that patients receive results on time. Before delivery, we always check that the documentation is correct, in order to avoid having to wait too long.

What is the most frequently asked question by patients?

In the event that they have to wait a few minutes before receiving their results, what they ask us the most is: "Is something wrong?" To prevent the wait from making you nervous, we make you understand that the doctor or specialist is finishing your report. And, when it is up to me, I inform you that the test images are about to be printed.

I look for thousands of options so that patients receive their results correctly and on time and feel that they have been well cared for.

Any trick to be organized, efficient and give the best of yourself?

I think there is no trick. Each one is as he is and tries to organize himself to the best of his ability, regardless of the position he occupies. But it is true that in Results a good organization is essential, otherwise it would be impossible to locate the amount of results that are obtained daily. We are talking about an average of 100 results a day in times of higher workload. In addition to all that we send to clients or by courier.


What environment do you breathe in Results?

I am very lucky with my colleagues. We all collaborate day after day to facilitate work for the person on the next shift, so that they encounter the fewest possible problems and all the documentation in order.

What do you like most about your job?

I like to deal with people, to solve the problems that they may encounter. Beyond delivering results to patients, I try to convey a message of calm, encouragement and positivism. Whether the tests have been successful or they have to face more delicate situations All this has allowed me to develop empathy towards others during these years.

Do you think the online world is useful for managing the department?

The times we are living demonstrate that it is useful, given that we find that patients increasingly access results online. In this way they are downloaded and can be sent to their doctors without having to go to the consultation or have to come and collect them in person.

Thanks to the online world and from the department we also help to make people aware of the importance of the Privacy and Data Protection Law. We make them understand that to collect the results of another person it is essential to bring the patient's ID to whom the documents correspond, to preserve the privacy of their data at all times and under any circumstances.


How do you think it will evolve in the future?

In particular, during the last two months online results downloads have skyrocketed and, in my view, I believe that many will opt for this option from now on. In the future this trend may grow, since it makes life easier and saves time for many people.

Do you think that achieving and delivering results is one of Creu Blanca's strengths?

Yes, I think that in general all the departments are important within our company, thanks to the work and effort that we carry out together.

Thank you very much Mª José!

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